Public Chapter 41


By Representatives Eckles, Hood

Substituted for: Senate Bill No. 1639

By Senator Womack

AN ACT providing for directional signs on Interstate 840 in Rutherford County and Interstate 40 in Wilson County for the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center.

WHEREAS, it is important for the members of this General Assembly to recognize those entities whose singular contributions to the welfare of this State and its citizenry redound to the common good for all Tennesseans; and

WHEREAS, for 23 years, the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center has served Tennesseans with severe and multiple disabilities in a positive and productive learning environment conducive to effective rehabilitation; and

WHEREAS, as the only service-delivery system of its kind in the State, the Center enables persons with disabilities to become self-sufficient, employable and able to live independently with dignity while permitting them to reduce their dependency on government and family resources; and

WHEREAS, the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center provides comprehensive rehabilitation evaluation and planning, personal and work adjustment training, academic instructions, occupational training, independent living skills training and follow-along, and case management services and follow-up; and

WHEREAS, it is appropriate that the Department of Transportation should erect signs directing persons to the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center, which serves the needs of countless Tennesseans to use their physical and mental abilities to the fullest, thus benefiting themselves and the State of Tennessee as a whole; now, therefore,


SECTION 1. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, it shall be the duty of the Department of Transportation to erect and maintain directional signs at sites and facilities of educational and cultural interest to the citizens of the State, including the erection of such signs for the Tennessee Rehabilitation Center in Rutherford County at Exit 55 on Interstate 840, both eastbound and westbound, and in Wilson County on Interstate 40 approximately one (1) mile before the Interstate 840 connector, both eastbound and westbound.

SECTION 2. The erection of such directional signs shall be within the guidelines prescribed by the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

SECTION 3. This act shall become operative only if the federal highway administrator advises the Commissioner of Transportation in writing that the provisions of this act shall not render Tennessee in violation of federal laws and regulations and subject to penalties prescribed therein.

SECTION 4. This act shall take effect upon becoming a law, the public welfare requiring it.