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Tennessee Confederate Physicians : Part 1 (Abernathy - Colquitt)


  • S.H.S. = Southern Historical Society Papers
  • Lindsley = Military Annals of Tennessee
  • TN in CW = Tennesseans in the Civil War
  • Adj. Gen. = Register of the Adjutant General of the Confederacy
  • Prov. Army = Proceedings of the Medical Board of the Provisional Army of Tennessee
  • Stout Reg. = Register of Physicians

For more information on these sources, see the Introduction to Tennessee Confederate Physicians.


  • S = Surgeon
  • AS = Assistant Surgeon
  • AAS = Acting Assistant Surgeon
  • RS = Regimental Surgeon
  • ARS = Acting Regimental Surgeon
  • HS = Hospital Steward

TN in
Adj. Gen.
Abernathy, C. C. (AS) p. 168
X p. 283
p. 323
p. 65 p. 52 18th & 3rd TN Inf.
Abernathy, John (AS)
p. 583 X

62nd TN Inf.
Abraham, C. L. (AS)

p. 236
Adams, John Minge (AS) p. 167

p. 179 12th AL Inf.
Adams, Patrick Henry (AS)

P. 286
Akin, J. T. (AS)

p. 86
from Columbia, TN
Alexander, James

p. 266

33rd TN Inf.
Alexander, John Marshall (S) p. 167 p. 484 X

33rd TN Inf.
Alexander, Robert Emmett (AS) p. 169

p. 91 5th KY Regt.
Allen, W. T. (AS)
p. 629

4th TN Cav.
Allison, John P. (AS) p. 168 p. 439 X

29th TN Inf.
Allison, Mark (AS) p. 169 p. 473 X

32nd TN Inf.
Allsbrook, A. M. (AS) p. 168

p. 343
p. 19
Alsap, Joseph (AS) p. 169
X p. 345
p. 349

p. 9 18th TN Inf.
from Cainesville, TN
Anderson, Francis A., (AS) p. 168

p. 125
Anderson, J. E. (AS)

p. 75
F&S, 1st (Field's) Inf.
from Pulaski, TN
Anderson, R. M. (S)

p. 259

ordered to Gen. L. Polk
Anderson, William Henry (AS) p. 168 p. 719 X(W.H.)

p. 54 11th TN Cav.
Anthony, John A.

p. 34 contract physician
Arman, Samuel (S)

p. 201
Armstrong, Wm. J. (AS)

p. 343

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Arrey, John D. (AS)

p. 8
Aucrum, John Laurence (AS)

p. 254
Austin, J. B. (AS)

p. 32
from Nashville, TN
Avent, Benjamin W.
p. 168
p. 237
Bailey, W. H. (AS)

p. 314 p. 182
p. 183

from Nashville, TN
Baird, I. S. G. (AS)

p. 314

ordered to surgeon-general
Baird, John L. (AS)

p. 22
20th TN Inf.
Baird, W. M. (AS) p. 174

p. 120
p. 151

from Lebanon, TN
Baldredge, S. (S) p. 173

p. 268

47th (Alexander's) TN Regt.
Baldwin, R. T. (S)


12th Cav. Bn.
Baldwin, W. H. (AS)

p. 323

ordered to Beauregard
Banks, J. T. (S)

p. 107
Banks, J. W. (AS) p. 172

F&S, 15th TN Inf.
Banks, William (AS) p. 170

p. 64 7th AL
Baker, P. D. L. (AS)

p. 119
Barchwell, E. L. (AS)

p. 111
Barnah, Simon, (AS)

p. 148
Barnes, Benj. S. (AS) p. 171

46th & 55th TN Regt.
Barnes, William C. (S)
p. 492 X

35th TN Inf.
Barnette, John B, (S) p. 170

p. 209
Barron, William I.. (AS)


F&S, 13th TN Inf.
Barron, William J. (AS) p. 170
p. 353
F&S, 11th TN Inf.
Bass, Sterling (AAS)

p. 291
Bastwick, R. M. (AS) p. 178

154th & 13th TN Regt.
Bateman, A.? F. (AS)

p. 320

4th TN Regt.
Bateman, R. P. (S) p. 172

p. 235 25th LA Inf.
Batey, Robert (S) p. 172

p. 93
Baxley, I. B. (S)

p. 7
Baxter, John (AS)
p. 484
p. 320

33rd TN Inf.
Beall, James W. (AS) p. 174

38th TN Inf.
Beaty, A. (S)
p. 722 X

12th TN Cav.
Beard, James Cornelius (AS) p. 173

p. 29
Beard, Wiley Monroe (AS)

p. 230
Beauchamp, John A. (AS) p. 175

p. 182
from Nashville, TN
Beeler, M. W. (RS)

p. 263 p. 186
29th TN Regt.
Bell, James M. (S)
p. 492 X
p. 182
35th TN Inf.
from Rough & Ready, TN
Bell, James Eugene (AS)

p. 217
Bell, W. S. (S)

p. 4
1st Art. Corp.
from Memphis, TN
Bell, W. T.

p. 165 contract physician
Bellamy, Chas. E. p. 174

p. 174
Bellamy, Wm. C. (AS) p. 174

passed board at Knoxville
Bemiss, Samuel Merriford (S) p. 173

p. 173
Blackie, George S. (S) p. 173
X p. 261 p. 1

Blackman, W. C. (RS)

p. 131
from Nashville, TN
Blair, B. J. (AS)
p. 572

60th TN Inf.
Blevins, A. C. (AS) p. 175
X p. 277 p. 130
3rd (Lillard's) MI
from Decatur, TN
Bloxom, John Henry (AS) p. 176

p. 88
Bolan, M. J. (S) p. 177

p. 56
Bond, John S. (S)

p. 16
p. 75
resigned, ill health
Borders, J. M. (AS) p. 178 p. 570 X

55th (Brown's) Inf.
46th TN Regt.
Bowers, James A. (S) p. 176 p. 175 X
p. 3
3rd (Clack's) TN Inf.
Bowling, W. K. (RS)

p. 186

Boyce, W. (AS)

p. 313

9th TN Regt.
Boyd, J. M. (S)

p. 128
from Knoxville, TN
Bramlett, W. H. (S)

p. 108
Brannock, James M. (S) p. 173
X p. 270

5th TN Inf.
Bratton, James Rufus (S)

p. 203
Brice, Walter (S) p. 175 p. 271
p. 275
X p. 270 p. 23
9th TN Inf.
from Troy, TN
Bridges, James N. (S) p. 175 p. 399 X p. 265
p. 315
p. 149
p. 115

24th TN Inf.
from New Middleton, TN
Brown, H.W. (S) p.196

p. 273
Brown, Thos. L.B. (AS) p. 177
X p. 345

F&S, 2nd (Robinson's) Inf.
ordered to Gen. Bragg
Brown, Uriah T. (AS)

X p. 319

28th TN Inf.
Brownrigg, John (S)

p. 123
p. 130

Bruce, Allen A. (AS) p. 179 p. 726
p. 733

15th (Logwood's) Cav.
Bruce, W. W. (AS)

p. 334

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Brumley, J. C. (AS)
p. 594

61st TN Inf.
Bryan, Lewis Alexander

p. 283 contract physician
Bryant, James H. (AS)

p. 103
Buchanan, A. B.? (AS) p. 179

p. 23
F&S, 3rd (Clack's) Inf.
Buchanan, Thomas B. (AS)

p. 6
from Nashville, TN
Buist, J. R. (S) p. 178 p. 171 X
p. 1
1st TN Inf.
from Nashville, TN
Bunch, W. H. (AS) p. 180

53rd TN Inf.
Burgess, W. R. (AS)

p. 110
Burt, William Jefferson (AS) p. 178

p. 44
to Newsome Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Burton, George W. (S) p. 178

p. 282

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Butts, Richard L. (S) p. 179 p. 598

p. 1
from Memphis, TN
Buzzart, J. L. (AS)

p. 112
Byrd, John

p. 171 contract physician
Caldwell, S. C. (AS)

p. 341

41st or 46th TN Regt.
Caldwell, S. H. (S)
p. 735 X

21st (Wilson's) Cav.
also called the 16th
Caldwell, Samuel H. (S)
p. 543 X
p. 12
46th TN Inf.
from Paris, TN
Caldwell, Simeon Willis (S) p. 183
X p. 262
p. 286
p. 15 p. 190 2nd (Robinson's) Inf.
from Trenton, TN
Calhoun, J. C. (AS) p. 182

p. 120
Callender, John H. (S)

X p. 270 p. 17
F&S, 11th TN Inf.
from Nashville, TN
Calvert, James Holland (S) p. 181 p. 408 X

F&S, 25th TN Inf.
Camp, A. Gray (AS)

p. 38
Campbell, A. J. (RS)

p. 83
from Knoxville, TN
Campbell, John A, (AS) p. 181

p. 140
Campbell, J. Payne (AS) p. 181

p. 140
Cannon, Josiah Pearce p. 182

p. 173 contract physician
Carlin, Robert F. (S) p. 182
p. 190

p. 287

ordered to surgeon-general
Carmichael, S. W. (S)

p. 266
Carson, T. S. (AS)

p. 311

19th TN Regt.
Carson, Samuel M. (AS)

p. 1
F&S, 19th TN Inf.
from Jonesborough, TN
Carter, L. D. (S)


F&S, 37th TN Inf.
Carter, L. L. (AS) p. 182

p. 116
Carter, Louis P. (AS)

p. 343

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Cates, John W. (S)

X p. 259 p. 181
F&S, 5th Cav. Bn.
from Maryville, TN
Cavanaugh, W. C. (S)

X p. 261 p. 42 p. 296 2nd(Walker's)Inf.
from Memphis, TN
Chaffers, Edward (AS) p. 183
p. 190


F&S, 2nd TN Cav.
Chaille, Stanford E. (S) p. 180

p. 123
Champion, W. E. (AS)

p. 154
from Harrison, TN
Child, Duff (AS) p. 186

p. 136
Childers, Jabez Galton (S) p. 187

30th TN Regt.
Childers, J. V. (AS)

p. 9
from Springhill, TN
China, Alfred James (AS) p. 187

p. 51 to Newsome Hospital
Chattanooga, TN
Clark, R. T. (S)

p. 16
5th TN Inf.
Clark, W. M. (S)
p. 383

20th TN Inf.
Clarkson, Henry Marcy (S)

p. 47
Clary, W. F. (AS)

p. 26
from Unionville, TN
Clay, Paul (S)
p. 430 X p. 265

28th TN Inf.
Clayton, Henry H. (S) p. 182

p. 282
p. 162 45th TN Regt.
Cleaves, John J. (S)

p. 265

45th TN Regt.
Cliffe, Daniel B. (S)
p. 382 X p. 268 p. 142
p. 149
p. 69

20th TN Inf.
from Franklin, TN
Clifton, A. G. (S)

p. 265

41st TN Regt.
Cline, P. L. (HS)
p. 594

61st TN Inf.
Cochran, Emanuel C. (AS) p. 185 p. 463 X p. 326

F&S, 39th TN Inf.
Coffman, Samuel Henry (AS) p. 191

p. 17
Coggshall, G. P. (AS)

p. 131
Colbert,, Charles B. (S) p. 185

to hospital in Pulaski, TN
Cole, A. W. (AS)

p. 96
Cole, W. H. (AS) p. 186

p. 148
Cole, W. M. (S) p. 191

p. 39
Collins, Aappleton P.

p. 132 contract physician
Collins, John W. (S) p. 187

F&S, 8th TN Inf.
Collins, Oscar C.

p. 133 contract physician
Colquitt, H. M. (S)

p. 158
from Livingston, TN


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