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Tennessee Confederate Physicians : Part 2 (Compton - Hannorn)


  • S.H.S. = Southern Historical Society Papers
  • Lindsley = Military Annals of Tennessee
  • TN in CW = Tennesseans in the Civil War
  • Adj. Gen. = Register of the Adjutant General of the Confederacy
  • Prov. Army = Proceedings of the Medical Board of the Provisional Army of Tennessee
  • Stout Reg. = Register of Physicians

For more information on these sources, see the Introduction to Tennessee Confederate Physicians.


  • S = Surgeon
  • AS = Assistant Surgeon
  • AAS = Acting Assistant Surgeon
  • RS = Regimental Surgeon
  • ARS = Acting Regimental Surgeon
  • HS = Hospital Steward

TN in
Adj. Gen.
Compton, Henry B. (S)


F&S, 34th TN Inf.
Compton, Henry M. (RS) p. 185

p. 259 p. 2
from Nashville, TN
Conway, G. W. (S)

p. 7
F&S, 1st H-Artillery
from Paris, TN
Conway, John R. (S)

p. 275

ordered to Gen. Holmes
Conway, W. Y. (S)

p. 257
Cook, R. C. (AS) p. 186

2nd TN Regt., also
5th AR & 45th MS
Cooper, George Franklin (AS)

p. 106
Cooper, W. H. (S) p. 185

p. 283 p. 21

Core, Jesse D. (S) p. 188 p. 718 X p. 282

Holman's Cav. Bn. (11th)
Cornwell, J. S, (AS)

p. 17
from Bagdad, TN
Coulson, P. D. (AS) p. 186
p. 191

X p. 344

Browne's Co., Lt. Art.
12th MS Cav.
Cox, G. H.

p. 214 contract physician
Cox, Henry Smith (S) p. 184
X p. 281
p. 297 26th TN Inf.
Crawford, Jefferson Franklin, (AS) p. 181
p. 190

P. 10
Crawford, J. J. (S)

p. 275
Crawford, S. P. (S)

p. 5
from Greeneville, TN
Crockett, R. A. (AS)

p. 323 p. 19
from Brentwood, TN
Cross, William C. (S) p. 188

p. 259
Crozier, Carrick N.

p. 170 contract physician
Crutcher, T. P. (RS) p. 189
p. 161
from McMinnville, TN
Cummings, Jno. C (S)

p. 263

Cunningham, J.

p. 35 contract physician
Currey, George Washington (S) p. 189

p. 272
p. 309

p. 177 from Nashville, TN
Currey, J. Henry (AS) p. 189
p. 190

p. 353

from Nashville, TN
9th GA Bn.
Currey, Richard O.(S) p. 189
X p. 275
p. 220 from Nashville, TN
Custer, Hu Lee (S)
p. 482 X p. 317

F&S, 32nd TN Inf.
Cybert, J. R. (AS)

p. 8
from Memphis, TN
Dance, S. E. H. (S) p. 191
X p. 276
p. 133 8th TN Regiment
Dance, Steven S. E.H.(AS)

X p. 305

F&S, 1st (Turney's) Inf.
Daniels, Ferdinand Eugene (S) p. 191

p. 128 Post-surgeon, Chattanooga Hospital
Dashiell, R. R. (S) p. 191 p. 225 X p. 260 p. 15
F&S, 6th TN Inf.
from Jackson, TN
Davis, B. H. (AS)


F&S, Shaw's Cav. Bn.
Davis, (blank) (AS)
p. 533

44th TN Inf.
Day, Dewitt C. (AS)

p. 320

ordered to Gen. Beauregard
Day, Samuel H. (S) p. 193

F&S, 5th TN Cav.
Day, William Benjamin (S)

p. 204
DeArragon, R. T. (S) p. 193
X p. 285

ordered to Surgeon-General
Delaney, William T. F. (S) p. 193 p. 629 X p. 311 p. 155
6th & 4th TN Cav.
from Holston Valley, TN
Delbridge, George W.

p. 101
DeLoach, Alfred B. (AS) p. 193

F&S, 2nd(Robinson's) Inf.
45th & 32nd MS
Dennis, Francis Marion (AS) p. 194

p. 229 passed brd. at Chattanooga
report to Medical Director
Depre, D. D. (S)

p. 17
from Nashville, TN
DeYampert, Thomas Jefferson Lafayette (S) p. 193

ordered to Gen. Hood
Dickinson, B. F. (AS) p. 194 p. 313 X p. 315

F&S, 13th TN Inf..
Dickinson, Benjamin F. (S)

X p. 282

F&S, 12th Con. Inf.
Dismukes, J. R. (AS)

p. 8
from Hendersonville, TN
Dismukes, Thomas T. p. 195

p. 250 contract physician
Divine, Kinsman C. (S) p. 194

p. 258 Surgeon in charge at Hospital
in Pulaski, TN
Dixon, Joseph E. (S) p. 195 p. 748 X p. 287

F&S, 9th Cav. Bn.
Doyle, Benjamin R. (AS)

p. 190
Driver, J. M. (S)
p. 570 X p. 264

55th TN Inf.
Dugan, (blank) (S)
p. 532

44th TN Inf.
from Bedford County, TN
Duggan, B. F. (S)

? p. 279

55th TN Regt.
Dulaney, James E. (RS)

p. 15
F&S, 19th TN Regt.
from Blountsville, TN
Dulaney, Joe E. (S) p. 193 p. 372
p. 375

19th TN Inf.
Dungan, David H. (S) p. 196
X p. 287
p. 320
p. 48
F&S, 6th TN Cav.
from Thompson Station, TN
Dungan, David L. (S)
p. 885
p. 888

1st Regt. TN Cav.
Dunlop, Alphus, (S)

p. 287
p. 87
DuPre, Daniel

p. 232 contract physician
Dwight, R. Y. (AS)

p. 114
Earls, J. L. (S) p. 140

Edgeworth, S. C.

p. 121 contract physician
Edmonds, Wm. F. (S) p. 199
X p. 316

29th TN Inf.
Edmunds, W. M. F. (AS)
p. 585 ?

63rd TN Inf.
from Hawkins County
Edwards, W. F. (AS)

p. 92
from Rogersville, TN
Elam, Thos. (AS)

? p. 320

45th TN Regt.
Erskine, Alexander (S) p. 197
X p. 282
p. 200 2nd TN Inf.
Erskine, John H. (AS) p. 198 p. 135 X p. 305

2nd TN Inf.
Erving, Andrew (S) p. 198

48th TN
Estill, Wallace (S)

X p. 255

1st(Turney's) TN Inf.
Evans, Faulkner Heard (S) p. 197

p. 25
Evans, George W. (AS) p. 197
? p. 340

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Freeman's Battery, Huggin's TN Lt. Art.
Evans, R. F. (S)

p. 11
from Shelbyville, TN
Evans, Robert M. (S) p. 197

p. 315

ordered to Surgeon-General
Eve, Paul F., (S) p. 197

p. 1 p. 272 from Nashville, TN
Everett, Thomas F. (S)

p. 115
from Alexandria, TN
Fain, R. E. (S)

p. 148
25th TN Inf.
Fain, Henry (S)
p. 401

25th TN Inf.
Falls, J. B. (AS)

p. 335

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Farris, John K. (HS)


compiled service record shows appointment as Hosptial Steward
Faulk, Joseph (S)

p. 265

ordered to Gen. A. P. Shaw
Fenner, John H. (S)

p. 287

ordered to Surgeon-General
Fenner, John S. (S) p. 199 p. 225 X p. 313
p. 344
p. 15
6th TN Inf.
Finley, W. S. (AS) p. 200

48th TN
Fite, James L. (AS)
p. 227 X p. 283
p. 319
p. 4
7th TN Inf.
from Lebanon, TN
Fletcher, John S. (S) p. 199 p. 541 X p. 316 p. 15
45th TN Inf.
from Shelbyville, TN
Flowers, G. C. (AS)

p. 107
from Woodbury, TN
Forbes, James A. (S)
p. 313 X p. 263 p. 60
13th TN Inf.
Fox, James Otey (AS) p. 200

p. 30
Fox, Samuel I. (AAS) p. 201

p. 293 2nd KY Cav.
Franklin, Benjamin (S)

p. 275
p. 284
p. 344

p. 240
Franklin, J. B. (S)


F&S, 2nd TN Con. Inf.
Franklin, John W. (RS)

p. 9
from Gallatin, TN
Franklin, Sidney W. p. 203 p. 284
p. 286

10th TN Inf.
Freeman, Lewis S. (ARS) p. 200 p. 473 ? p. 353 p. 147
F&S, 32nd TN Inf.
from Elkton, TN
Friend, N. (S) p. 200

p. 157
Frierson, S. W. (RS) p. 200

p. 267 p. 64
from Columbia, TN
Fromm, Ludolf (S) p. 201

p. 102
Frost, John (AS) p. 201

p. 98
Fry, John Eber p. 202

p. 37 contract physician
Fryar, James F. (S)

X p. 282

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Fryer, John F. (S) p. 202

20th & 25th TN Rgt.
Gage, James B. (AS) p. 210

p. 289
Gaines, F. H. (S)

p. 153
1st (Carter's) TN Cav.
from Dandridge, TN
Gannaway, John (S) p. 205 p. 529 ?

44th TN Inf.
Gardner, R. B. (S) p. 205

p. 130 passed board at Shelbyville
Gentry, R. A. (AS)
p. 503 X

F&S, 37th TN Inf.
Gentry, Watson M. (S) p. 206 p. 347 X p. 259 p. 7 p. 135 17th TN Inf.
German, Daniel (AS) p. 206

p. 266 p. 151
11th TN Rgt.
Gevin, R. D. (AS)

p. 130

Gilbert, E. D. (AS)
p. 527 ? p. 320

43rd TN Inf.
Godwin, D. George (AS) p. 209 p. 566
p. 907
? p. 344

51st TN Inf.
Godwin, Samuel Winn (AS) p. 210
? p. 319

48th TN Rgt.
Gooch, Allen G, (AS) p. 209 p. 628
p. 345

3rd TN Cav.
Goodman, John (AS) p. 209
X p. 343
p. 243 6th TN Cav.
Gore, Joshua (S) p. 209

p. 134
Gould, P. L. (S)
p. 559 X

50th TN Inf.
Gourrieer, Alfred Richard (AS) p. 209

p. 53 Foard's & Academy Hospitals,
Chattanooga, TN
Gowan, J. W. (AS)
p. 361
p. 370

18th TN Inf.
Gowen, Isaac M. (AS)

X p. 311 p. 4
18th TN Inf.
from Woodbury, TN
Grandstaff, John (S)

p. 265

4th TN Rgt.
Grant, James F. (S) p. 205 p. 364
p. 470
? p. 264 p. 3
32nd TN Inf.
from Millville, TN
Gray, J. C. (S)

p. 263

38th TN Rgt.
Gray, J. H. (S)
p. 265

8th TN Inf.
Gray, J. W. (S)


F&S, 8th TN Inf.
Gray, John Wade (S) p. 204

p. 261 p. 11
from Rome, TN
Gray, George C. (S)

p. 279

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Green, L. Y. (S)
p. 522 X p. 266

43rd TN Inf.
Green, Solomon P. (S) p. 206
X p. 315
p. 354
p. 16 p. 109 4th TN Inf.
from Memphis, TN
Green, Willis (S)

p. 19
from Louisville, KY
Greene, Chas. H. (AS) p. 206

12/31/1862, Cleveland, TN
Groves, Joseph Ashbury (S) p. 209

p. 225 37th MS Rgt.
4/30/62, Academy Hospital
Gunn, Logan W. (AS)

p. 24
from Cedar Hill, TN
Gupton, Abner J. (AS) p. 211
? p. 346
p. 34 42nd TN Inf.
Gwin, Robt. D. (AS) p. 210
? p. 354

13th & 154th TN
Hall, A. M. (S)

? p. 261

8th TN Rgt.
Hall, Joel E. (S) p. 217 p. 503 X

p. 97 37th TN Inf.
Hamilton,, Alex L. (AS)

? p. 348

F&S, 15th Con. Cav.
Hamilton, Patrick Henry (AS) p. 211

p. 92 11th TN Cav.
Hamilton, Robert Delancy (S) p. 211

p. 279
p. 5 Academy Hospital, Chattanooga, TN
Hannah, Thomas (AS)
p. 749

9th Cav. Bn.
Hanner, J. P. (AS) p. 217

p. 354

ordered to Surgeon-General
Hannorn, Jas. W. (AS)

p. 353

ordered to Surgeon-General


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