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Tennessee Confederate Physicians : Part 3 (Harcourt - Lytle)


  • S.H.S. = Southern Historical Society Papers
  • Lindsley = Military Annals of Tennessee
  • TN in CW = Tennesseans in the Civil War
  • Adj. Gen. = Register of the Adjutant General of the Confederacy
  • Prov. Army = Proceedings of the Medical Board of the Provisional Army of Tennessee
  • Stout Reg. = Register of Physicians

For more information on these sources, see the Introduction to Tennessee Confederate Physicians.


  • S = Surgeon
  • AS = Assistant Surgeon
  • AAS = Acting Assistant Surgeon
  • RS = Regimental Surgeon
  • ARS = Acting Regimental Surgeon
  • HS = Hospital Steward

TN in
Adj. Gen.
Harcourt, Thos. C. (AS)
p. 195 X p. 319

F&S, 5th TN Inf.
Hardee, Chas. (AS) p. 212

P. 153
Harden, W. P. (S) p. 211

p. 270
Harris, A. N. (S)
p. 572 X

F&S, 60th TN Inf.
Harris, R. B. (AS) p. 212 p. 397

p. 107
23rd TN Inf.
Harrison, J. W. (AS)
p. 611

2nd TN Cav.
Harrison, Jonah J.(AS)

p. 6
from Loudon, TN
Harrison, Wm. B. (AS) p. 212

p. 279
p. 142 Tullahoma Hospital
Haskins, E. B. (S)

p. 134
from Clarksville, TN
Hatcher, (blank) (S)
p. 813

Carne's Artillery
Hatcher, Alfred A. (S) p. 211
X p. 267 p. 7 p. 28 16th TN Inf.
Hawthorne, Eli P. (AS)
p. 430 X
p. 141
28th TN Inf.
from Carthage, TN
Hawthorne, Frank (S) p. 217

p. 14 Foard's & Academy Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Haynes, James M. (AS) p. 212

p. 77 5th MS Regiment
Head, J. M. (S)
p. 441

10th TN Inf.
Head, James M. (S)


F&S, 30th TN Inf.
Head, Jos. A. (S)

p. 263

30th TN Regt.
Helm, C. (?), (AS)

p. 314

ordered to Gen. Zollicoffer
Henckler, M. (S)

p. 274

ordered to Surgeon-General
Henderson, James C. (AS) p. 213

F&S, 3rd(Clack's) TN Inf.
Henley, G. W. (S)
p. 571 X p. 269

F&S, 59th TN Inf.
Herbert, Calvin L. (S) p. 212

p. 279
p. 62
Herbert, F. C. (AS)

p. 331

ordered to Surgeon-General
Herbison, J. M. (S)

p. 88
from Maynardsville, TN
Hereford, W. W.

p. 127
p. 130

from Powotoc, MS
Herndon, Dabney (S) p. 213

p. 105 36th AL Regt.
Herron, J. S. (AS) p. 214

F&S, 18th TN Inf.
Hester, Benj. L. (AS) p. 213

p. 345

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Hibbetts, David C. (AS)

p. 134
from Dyersburg, TN
Hill, Jesse (AS) p. 214

p. 344

5th, 2nd & 10th TN Regt.
Hill, Samuel Van Dyke (AS) p. 214

p. 89 Dec. 1862, Cleveland, TN
Hill, W. P., (AAS)
p. 308

12th TN Inf.
Hodge, Ambrose W. (S) p. 219
X p. 287

43rd TN Inf.
Hoffman, John Richardson (AS) p. 218

p. 264
Holcombe, James (S) p. 215

F&S, 16th TN Inf.
Holman, John N. (AS)

p. 334

Holt, William Joseph (S) p. 215

p. 78 F&S, 2nd TN Inf.
Hood, Samuel P. (S)
p. 758 X

16th TN Cav. Bn.
Hoover, William (AS)
p. 605
p. 354

1st Conf. Cav.
Hopkins, Baird S. (S)

p. 269

36th TN Regt.
Hopping, Daniel Stiles (AS) p. 214

p. 3 Newsome's Hospital
Chattanooga, TN
Horton, Richard (AS)
p. 289

10th TN Inf.
Horton, Wm. Dixon (S) p. 215 p. 282
p. 314 p. 48
p. 190
p. 242 10th TN Inf.
House, Isaac S. (S)

p. 21
p. 130

from Franklin, TN
Houston, Armstrong P. (AS) p. 215

p. 82 ordered to Gen. Bragg
Huddleston, J. L. p. 216

contract physician, 2nd TN Cav.
Hughes, Archibald (AS)
p. 513 ?

41st TN Inf.
Hughes, J. M. (S)
p. 611
p. 325(?)

2nd TN Cav.
Hughes, James A. (S)


22nd TN Cav.
Hughes, Wm. (?) (AS) p. 216 p. 171 X p. 344

1st (Mandy's) TN Inf.
Humphreys, Wm. F. (AS)

p. 323

ordered to Gen. Beauregard
Hunt, Robert Pearson (S) p. 216

p. 285
p. 208
Hunter, Alexander (S) p. 215

p. 11 Foard's & Newsome's Hospitals, Chattanooga, TN
Hunter, Henry J. (AS)

p. 337

7th TN Regt.
Hunter, Henry Wm. (AS) p. 216 p. 549

48th TN Inf.
Hunter, Henry W. (S)


54th TN Inf.
Hutton, W. M. (S)
p. 399 X
p. 91
p. 149

F&S, 24th TN Inf.
from Middleboro, TN
Hussey, E. M. (AS)

p. 316

Jackson, James M. (AS)
p. 519
p. 282
p. 319

42nd TN Inf.
Jackson, James Monroe (S) p. 220

49th TN Inf.
Jackson, John Davis (S) p. 220

F&S, 44th Cons. Inf.
Jackson, Lafayette F. (AS)
p. 408

p. 17
17th & 25th TN Inf.
from Jackson, TN
Jackson, Richard E. (AS) p. 219

p. 42 12/31/62, Academy Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Jamison, S. M. (S)

p. 16
from Nashville, TN
Jarrett, A.(?) L. (AS)

p. 335

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Johnson, Eugene M. (AS)

p. 115
from Lebanon, TN
Johnson, H. C. (AS)

p. 63

Johnson, James F. (S)
p. 323 X
p. 9
from Clarksville, TN
Johnson, Jesse D. (S)

X p. 265

F&S, 48th TN Inf.
Johnson, John M. p. 221

p. 95
Johnson, Julius (S)
p. 683
p. 287

10th TN Cav.
Johnson, Monroe M. (AS) p. 225
X p. 346

53rd TN Inf.
Johnson, W. B. (AS)
p. 524

43rd TN Inf.
Jones, A. (RS)

p. 333(?) p. 8
from Cornersville, TN
Jones, A. R. (AS) p. 224

p. 333(?)
p. 15
Jones, Alfred (AS) p. 223 p. 351 X p. 344

F&S, 17th TN Inf.
Jones, David C. (AS)


F&S, 7th TN Inf.
Jones, G. W. (AS)
p. 408
p. 319 p. 167
25th TN Inf.
from Hill, GA
Jones, George F. (S) p. 224

p. 273
p. 239 December 31, 1862,
Tullahoma Hospital
Jones, Hilton S. (S) p. 220 p. 507 X p. 316

F&S, 38th TN Inf.
Jones, J. H. (AS)

p. 326

51st TN Regt.
Jones, S. H. (S)

p. 276

Jones, W. C. (AS)

p. 6
from Memphis, TN
Jones, William Franklin (S)

X p. 344 p. 21
51st Cons. Inf.
Jordan, John (AS)

p. 3
from Jordan's Station, TN
Jordon, M. D. L. (AS) p. 221 p. 735
p. 327

5th & 33rd TN Regts.
16th TN Cav.
Jordan, G. C. (AS)

p. 12
4th Tn Cav.
from Gainesboro, TN
Kay, L. B. (AS) p. 225

p. 141 passed board at Shelbyville
3rd KY Cav.
Keller, James M. (S)

p. 2
from Memphis, TN
Kennedy, Thomas J. (S) p. 226 p. 135 X

2nd TN Inf.
Kerr, William (AS) p. 225

p. 297 1st TN Regt., 24th TN Bn.
Kidder, Oliver C. (AS) p. 226 p. 432 X p. 341

28th & 45th TN Inf.
Kincaid, J. J. (AS)

p. 4
from Shelbyville, TN
King, John W. (S) p. 226

p. 287 p. 106 p. 156 from Murfreesboro, TN
Kinnon, John T. (RS)

p. 8
from Memphis, TN
Kirkpatrick, J. R. (AS)

p. 19
from Goodlettsville, TN
Kirkscey, Elisha John (AS) p. 227

p. 144 9th & 58th AL Rgts.
Knowlton, Knox (AS) p. 227

15th TN Inf.
Kyle, F. A. (AS)


organization unknown
Kyle, Thomas A. (AS)
p. 267

p. 32
9th TN Inf.
from Carington, TN
Lackey, B, F, (AS)
p. 604
p. 274 p. 65
1st Conf. Cav.
from Ripley, TN
Lackie, D. M. (AS)

p. 331

Col. Carroll's Regt
Lane, J. S. (AS)
p. 441 ?

30th TN Inf.
Long, Henry (S)

p. 11
F&S, 19th TN Cav.
from Mt. Pleasant, TN
Langford, N. C. (AS)

p. 154
from Leadcale, TN
Lapsley, Norvell A. (AS)

p. 17
Winston's Lt. Art. Co.
from Carthage, TN
Larkins, James Monroe (S)
p. 293 X
p. 42 p. 234 11th TN Inf.
from Charoltte, TN
Lauderdale, B. W. (AS) p. 227
X p. 339

F&S, 19th TN Cav.
Leak, T, W, (S)


16th TN Inf.
Leak, T. W. (S)
p. 345

15th TN Inf.
Leake, T. W. (S) p. 229 p. 193 X

F&S, 4th TN Inf.
Lebby, D. M. (AS)

p. 16
from Memphis, TN
Legg, H. K. (AS)

X p. 326

2nd TN Cav.
Legg, W. K. (AS) p. 229

1st Tn Cav.
Lester, Granville B. (AS) p. 228 p. 265 X
p. 130
F&S, 8th TN Inf.
Lester, J. R. (AS)

p. 4
p. 5
p. 127

from Lebanon, TN
Lester, L. P. (AS)

p. 316

8th TN Regt.
Libby, P. M.(?) (AS)

p. 310

ordered to Surgeon-General
Lightbourne, W. A. (S)

p. 11
25th TN Inf.
from Sparta, TN
Lightburn, W. A. (AS)
p. 401

25th TN Inf.
Lindsay, Jas. D. (RS)

p. 6
from Memphis, TN
Lindsay, L. (S) ?

49th TN Inf.
Lindsey, L. (S) ?

3rd TN Cav.
Lindsey, L. L.. (S)
p. 553

49th TN Inf.
Linthicum, Daniel A. (S) p. 229

p. 6 passed board, Chattanooga
Lockheart, G. W. (S)
p. 736 X

F&S, 18th TN Cav.
Lon, J. F. (AS)

p. 181

Long, Henry (S) p. 230 p. 682 X

F&S, 19th (Biffle's) Cavalry
Long, W. F. (S) p. 230

1st Tennessee Regiment
Long, W. F. (AAS)


24th Sharp Shooters Bn.
Love, J. T. (AS)

p. 317

ordered to Surgeon General
1st TN Heavy Artillery
Lynn, J. B. W. (AS) p. 232

p. 333

ordered to Surgeon General
Lytle, Randall McGavock (S) p. 231

p. 323
p. 287

p. 2 Academy Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN


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