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Tennessee Confederate Physicians : Part 4 (McAllister - Rhea)


  • S.H.S. = Southern Historical Society Papers
  • Lindsley = Military Annals of Tennessee
  • TN in CW = Tennesseans in the Civil War
  • Adj. Gen. = Register of the Adjutant General of the Confederacy
  • Prov. Army = Proceedings of the Medical Board of the Provisional Army of Tennessee
  • Stout Reg. = Register of Physicians

For more information on these sources, see the Introduction to Tennessee Confederate Physicians.


  • S = Surgeon
  • AS = Assistant Surgeon
  • AAS = Acting Assistant Surgeon
  • RS = Regimental Surgeon
  • ARS = Acting Regimental Surgeon
  • HS = Hospital Steward

TN in
Adj. Gen.
McAllister, Wm. Thomas, (S)

p. 21
p. 253

McCain, John Sidney (S) p. 232

p. 77 66th GA Regt.
McCauley, R. D. (S)
p. 560

50th TN Inf.
McCleary, W. T. (S)

p. 262 p. 130
from Salisbury, TN
22nd TN Regt.
McCluskey, J. S. (AS)

X p. 336

38th TN Inf.
McCord, W. H. (AS) p. 240 p. 679 X p. 344

F&S, 13th TN Cav.
McCorkle, W. A. (S) p. 236
X p. 270

F&S, 2nd(Ashby's) Cav.
McCormack, Charles (AS)


McCormick, Charles (S)

p. 4
p. 101

from Memphis, TN
McCown, Alex (AS) p. 236

Foard's Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
McCreary, Lyman P. (S) p. 233 p. 815
p. 839

Carne's Artillery Battery
McCutcheon, Joel G. (AS)
p. 351 X p. 311

17th TN Inf.
McDaniel, Henry C. (AS) p. 238

84th TN Regt.
McDonald, Henry C. p. 236

84th TN Regt.
McDonough, James S. (S) p. 240 p. 585 X p. 343

F&S, 63rd TN Inf.
McGee, J. P. (AS)
p. 307
p. 286
p. 315
p. 17
from Trenton, TN
12th TN Inf.
McGregor, John F. (S)

p. 275

ordered to Gen. Holmes
McGuire, Calvin B. (S)
p. 129 X p. 271

F&S, 1st Turney's Inf.
McKamey, A. D. (S)
p. 416

27th TN Inf.
McKay, Alexander Lockhart (S) p. 238

8th TN Cav.
McKay, Robert A. (AS)


Phillip's Lt. Art. Co.
McKeller, James (S)

p. 262

ordered to Memphis, TN
McKenzie, J. R. (AS) p. 234

2nd TN Cav., (18th & 26th )
McKenzie, John B. (AS)


F&S, 18th TN Inf.
McKenzie, Wm. G. (S)

p. 6 p. 216
McKenzie, Wm. W. (AS)

p. 130

McKinsey, W. G. (S)
p. 145

3rd TN Inf.
McKinzie,Wm. G. (S)


3rd(Lillard's) MI
McKissack, J. W. (AS) p. 235

47 TN Regt.
McKnight, A. E. (AS)

X p. 313 p. 115
p. 149

from Readyville, TN
F&S, 23rd TN Inf.
McMahon, F. S. (AS) p. 233

p. 310

to Surgeon General
16th AL Regt.
McNeill, T. C. (S)
p. 734
p. 741

F&S, 20th TN Cav.
McNelby, W. W. (S)
p. 510

from Franklin Co., TN
41st TN Inf.
McRaynolds, W. T. (S)

p. 15
from Clarksville, TN
Madden, T.(?) L. (S)

p. 267

ordered to Gen. Beauregard
Mallet, A. F. (S)
p. 284 X

F&S, 10th TN Inf.
Mancy, W. B. (S) p. 237

11th TN Regtt.
Maney, W. B. (S)

p. 4
from Nashville, TN
F&S, 11th TN Inf.
Manire, A. W. (AS)

p. 12
from Rover, TN
24th TN Inf.
Manzy, C. K. (AS) p. 233 p. 345 X
p. 59
F&S, 16th TN Inf.
Manzy, E. (?) (AS)

p. 316

6th (Tenn. Officer's Bk)
Marable, J. T. (RS)

X p. 283 p. 6
from Memphis, TN
F&S, 7th TN Inf.
Marny, W. B. (AS)

p. 311

11th TN Rgt.
Marrow, William (AS)

p. 130
p. 142

Martin, J. D. (AS)
p. 323 X
p. 18
F&S, 14th TN Inf.
from Palmyra, TN
Massengill, W. P. (S)

X p. 266 p. 79
p. 130

F&S, 4th Cav. Bn.
from New Market, TN
Mathias, Josiah T. (S)
p. 905 X p. 281

46th TN Inf.
Mattingly, Thomas (S) p. 232

p. 85 12/31/1862,Cleveland, TN
Mayfield, Joel (RS)

p. 2
from Brentwood, TN
Means, Hudson John (AS) p. 233

p. 90 Academy Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Means, T. A. (S) p. 234

p. 12 p. 90 from Memphis, TN
Meeks, Thos. R. (S)

p. 154 from Tullahoma, TN
Meneese, G. W. (S)

p. 12
from Springfield, TN
Meneese, Thomas (S)

p. 194
from Springfield, TN
Michel, Charles Eugene (S) p. 234

p. 71 1/31/63, Newsom Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Milholland, Hugh (AS)

p. 142
from Knoxville, TN
Miller, D. C. (AS) p. 239

p. 105 2nd KY Cav. Bn
Miller, Edmund p. 234

p. 175 30th Alabama
Miller, Homer Virgil Milton (S) p. 238

p. 155 ordered to Rome, GA by Surgeon General
Miller, Wm. Henry (S) p. 234

F&S, 23rd TN Inf.
Mills, W. B. (AS)
p. 559

p. 35 50th TN Inf.
Mims, Thos. R. (AS) p. 233

4th TN Regt.
Mitchell, R. W. (RS) p. 234 p. 334 X p. 261
p. 313
p. 6
F&S, 13th TN Inf.
from Memphis, TN
Mitchell, Thos. J. (AS) p. 235

p. 50 12/31/62, Newsom Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Moore, J. P. (S) p. 240

F&S, 10th TN Inf.
Moore, James Alexander (AS) p. 236

p. 204 28th TN Regt.
Morrow, Wm. (AS) p. 241

p. 311
ordered to Gen. Zollicoffer
Morton, John H. (S) p. 240

p. 3
from Murfreesboro, TN
Morton, John H. (AS)
p. 382 X p. 279
p. 316

ordered to Gen. Zollicoffer
F&S, 20th TN Inf.
Moses, G.(?) A. (S)

p. 267

ordered to Gen. Beauregard
Moss, Nathaniel B. (AS) p. 236

College Hospital
Murfreesboro, TN
Moss, Thomas Hudson (AS) p. 240

p. 69 F&S, 32nd TN Inf.
Mudd, Richard E. (AS) p. 236

p. 55 Tullahoma & Winchester Hospitals
Mulkey, Wm. A. (S) p. 237

p. 287
p. 317

ordered to Surgeon General
ordered to Gen. A. Johnston
Murfee, Jas. (AS)

p. 311

ordered to Gen. Zollicoffer
Murfree, James B. (AS)

p. 279 p. 1
p. 22
p. 104
p. 196
Murphy, John (S) p. 237 p. 541
p. 603

23rd TN Inf. Bn & 4th TN Consolidated Inf.
Napier, Richard S. (AS) p. 242 p. 553 X p. 348

49th TN Inf.
Nash, Miles H. (S) p. 241

p. 190
Neal, WM. H. (AS) p. 242

24th TN Regt.
Nelson, J. H. (AS)

p. 15
from LaVergne, TN
Newman, Joseph C. (ASG)

p. 9, Pt.1 p. 257

ordered to Gen. L. Polk
Newson, M. M. (AS)

p. 16
from Hartsville, TN
Nichol, Wm. Lytle (S)
p. 171 X
p. 1 p. 18 F&S, 1st (Field's) Inf.
Nicholes, Thomas (AS)


50th TN Inf.
Nichols, C. G. R. (RS)

p. 8
from Ashwood, TN
Nichols, R. (AS)


F&S, 30th TN Inf.
Nichols, Thos. W. (AS) p. 242

p. 340
p. 4 ordered to Gen. Bragg
Nichols, Wm. Charles (S) p. 242

p. 262
p. 286

p. 184 1st TN Regt.
Noblitt, David J. (AS) p. 242 p. 529 X p. 320

F&S, 44th Cons. Inf.
Nuckols, R. (AS) p. 243 p. 446

30th TN Inf.
Oates, David D. (S)

p. 353
p. 38
O'Neal Seaborn King (AS) p. 244

p. 83 Gilmer & Newsom Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Osborne, Gabriel C. Jr. (AS)
p. 533 X
p. 120
from Wartrace Depot, TN
44th TN Inf.
Outen, James M. (AS)
p. 490

34th TN Inf.
Owen, N. J. (AS)

p. 27
from Jordans, TN
Owen, Urbane G. (S) p. 244
X p. 278
p. 311

34th TN Inf.
Owens, John A. (AS) p. 244

F&S, 19th TN Inf.
Pace, Jesse M. (AS)

p. 311

ordered to Col. Grinstead
Palmore, Horace A. (AS) p. 245

1st TN Bn
Parshall, J. G. (AS) p. 245 p. 145 X p. 305 p. 24
3rd (Lillard's) MI
Patterson, John (S) p. 245 p. 361 X p. 259 p. 17 p. 65 F&S, 18th TN Inf.
Patterson, (T or F) W (AS).

p. 310

ordered to Surgeon General
Payne, John B. (AS)

p. 15
from Covington, TN
Peacock, Seth Andrews (AS) p. 245

p. 226 Post Surgeon at Chattanooga, TN
Pearson, Wm. E. (AS)
p. 129 X

1st (Turney's) TN Inf.
Pell, W. (S)

p. 265

ordered to Surgeon-General
Pendergrass, T. W. (AS)

p. 194
from Cookeville, TN
Pepper, J. H. (S) p. 246

Carter's TN Cav.
Perry, Robert J. (AS) p. 246

p. 335 p. 72
from Memphis, TN
Perry, W. T. (AS)

p. 323

from Campbellsville, TN
Perry, Wiley S. (AS)
p. 175 X

3rd TN Inf.
Pewett, J. E.

p. 334

22nd TN Regt.
Pinskston, A. R. (AS)

X p. 325 p. 172
from Franklin, TN,20th Inf.
Pitts, James B, (S) p. 247 p. 574 X
p. 43
from Waverly, TN,11th Inf.
Plummer, Henry (S) p. 249

p. 97 23rd TN Regt.
Plunket, James D. (AS)

p. 353
p. 218
Plunkett, Joseph (AS)
p. 283
p. 320 p. 93
from Nashville, TN
Porter, F. F. (AS)
p. 195 X

F&S, 5th TN Inf.
Porter, F. T. (RS)

p. 8
from Paris, TN
Porter, John H. (S)
p. 195

5th TN Inf.
Porter, Josiah (S)


F&S, 5th TN Inf.
Potts, Richard (S)

p. 263

ordered to Memphis, TN
Powers, J. A. (S)

p. 265

3rd TN Regt.
Prewitt, T. E. (AS) p. 245

12th Consolidated Inf.
Price, C. S. (AS)

p. 320

ordered to Gen. Beauregard
Pride, John S. (S)

p. 286
p. 343

p. 199
Pulliam, A. B. (AS)

p. 19
from LaGrange, TN
Pyatt, Eleazer A. (AS) p. 249
X p. 343 p. 129
p. 130

from Poorhill, TN,19th Inf.
Pyatt, J. E. (AS)
p. 375
p. 380

19th TN Inf.
Rader, John A. (HS)
p. 574 [listed as John Radet]

61st TN Inf.
Ragan, Thomas M. (AS) p. 249

p. 294 10th TN. Cavalry
Ramsay, Frank A. (S)

p. 86
p. 117
p. 128

from Knoxville, TN
Ransom, Medicus (S)

p. 266

ordered to Gen. Beauregard
Read, J. T. (RS)

p. 263 p. 9
from McMinnville, TN
Reese, W. D. (S)


4th TN Inf.
Reid, Thomas J. (S) p. 250 p. 473 X p. 335

32nd TN Inf.
Rhea, A. W. (AS)

p. 141
from Newport, TN
Rhea, Abraham, (S) p. 250

p. 276
p. 86


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