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Tennessee Confederate Physicians : Part 5 (Rice - Yandell)


  • S.H.S. = Southern Historical Society Papers
  • Lindsley = Military Annals of Tennessee
  • TN in CW = Tennesseans in the Civil War
  • Adj. Gen. = Register of the Adjutant General of the Confederacy
  • Prov. Army = Proceedings of the Medical Board of the Provisional Army of Tennessee
  • Stout Reg. = Register of Physicians

For more information on these sources, see the Introduction to Tennessee Confederate Physicians.


  • S = Surgeon
  • AS = Assistant Surgeon
  • AAS = Acting Assistant Surgeon
  • RS = Regimental Surgeon
  • ARS = Acting Regimental Surgeon
  • HS = Hospital Steward

TN in
Adj. Gen.
Rice, A. A. (S)

p. 267

ordered to Gen. Beauregard
Rice, Frank (S) p. 251 p. 334 X

F&S, 15th TN Inf.
Rice, Francis (RS)

p. 6
from Memphis, TN
Richardson, R. E. (S)

p. 287

ordered to Surgeon General
Richardson, W. T. (RS)

p. 7
from Smyrna Depot, TN
Rivers, Thomas (S) p. 251 p. 461 X

F&S, 31st TN Infantry
Roane, Thomas W. (S) p. 253 p. 566
p. 906
X p. 287

from Tipton County
F&S, 51st TN Inf.
Roberson, F. J. (RS)

p. 2
from Nashville, TN
Roberts, Deering J. (AS) p. 253 p. 393 X p. 344 p. 16
from Hendersonville, TN
F&S, 20th TN Inf.
Robertson, R. H. (AS)


31st TN Inf.
Robinson, Gutheridge L. (RS)
p. 227 X p. 265 p. 7
from Lebanon, TN
F&S, 7th TN Inf.
Rogers, W. E. (S)
p. 267
p. 260 p. 32
from Memphis, TN, 9th Inf.
Roscoe, Alex H. (AS)

p. 326

ordered to Surgeon General
Rothrock, R. T. p. 253 p. 560 X p. 341

50th TN Infantry
Salmon, E. Y. (S)

p. 279

1st TN Regt.
Satterfield, B. L. (AS)

p. 319

25th TN Regt.
Saudek, Joseph (RS)

p. 275 p. 15
from Union City, TN
Saunders, Dudley Dunn (S) p. 254

p. 48 Academy Hospital, Post Surgeon, Chattanooga, TN
Saunders, L. N. (AS)

p. 4
from Smyrna Depot, TN
Saunders, S. U.(?)(AS)

p. 348

28th TN Regt.
Scales, Samuel W. (AS) p. 255
X p. 332

37th TN Inf.
John B. (AS)

Not found in cited sources; service record lists "Asst. Surg.", 12th Reg., TN Cav.
Schell, W. Augustus (S) p. 257 p. 718
p. 282 p. 152
from Gallatin, TN
Douglass' Battn.
Scott, Jesse Foree (S) p. 260 p. 549 X

F&S, 48th(Nixon's) TN Inf.
Scott, Thomas (AS)


6th TN Cavalry
Sessum, Jno. L. H. (AS)

p. 346

ordered to Gen. Pemberton
Shell, H. D. (AS) p. 256

F&S, 10th TN Cavalry
Shelton, R. E. (AS) p. 257
X p. 311 p. 154
from Sale Creek, TN
F&S, 1st (Carter's) Cav.
Sholl, E. H. (AS)
p. 722 X

12th TN Cav.
Sholl, Edward H. (AS)


3rd TN Cav.
Simmons, D. G. (AS)

p. 318

30th TN Regt.
Sizemore, R.H. (AS) p. 258

ordered to Gen. Breckinridge, 33rd AL
Slayden, Wm. M. (AS) p. 255

F&S, 11th TN Inf.
Sloan, Fielding P. (AS) p. 260

p. 347
p. 247 50th AL Regt.
Smith, Andrew J. (AS)


48th (Voorhies) Inf.
Smith, George B. (AS)

p. 15
from Nashville, TN
Smith, H. J. (AS)


F&S, 30th TN Inf.
Smith, J. B. (AS)

p. 325

9th TN Cav.
Smith, J. D. (S)


F&S, 29th TN Inf.
Smith, John D. (S)

p. 282
p. 287

p. 280
Smith, N. W. (HS)


F&S, 38th TN Inf.
Smith, Pleasant (AS)


9th TN Cav.
Smith, Stephen, (HS)


8th TN Inf.
Smith, W. R. (AS)

X p. 319

41st TN Inf.
Snodgrass, James A. (S)

p. 261

26th TN Regt.
Snodgrass, James H. (S)
p. 408
p. 679
X p. 261

25th TN Inf.
Soles, Joseph Marion (AS) p. 260

p. 64 Newsom Hospital,
Chattanooga, TN
Spragins, L. D. (S)

p. 120
from Carthage, TN
Stanford, Merritt W. (AS) p. 256

9th TN Cavalry
Steel, S. H. (AS)

p. 16
from Ripley, TN
Stegel, John C. W. (AS) p. 257

p. 345

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Stevens, Rufus K. (AS) p. 257

2nd, 35th & 48th TN Regt.
Stewart, John Alex (AS) p. 256
p. 261


F&S, 15th TN Infantry
Stout, J. W. (RS)

p. 15
from Nashville, TN
Stout, Samuel H. (S)
p. 175 X p. 267 p. 17 p. 1 F&S, 3rd (Clack's) Inf.
Strother, R. S. (RS) p. 260

p. 279 p. 15
from Memphis, TN
Stroud, T. B. (S)

p. 17
from Lebanon, TN
Sugg, J. B. (S)
p. 564 X

50th TN Infantry
Swanson, Edward (S) p. 255 p. 628 X p. 280 p. 23
from Chapel Hill, TN
F&S,4th (McLemore's)Cav.

Tabscott, A. B. (S)

(see Tapscott, A.B.)

p. 726
p. 733

15th TN Cavalry
Taliaferro, C. W. (S)


Crew's Inf. Bn.
Taliaferro, Edwin Thomas (S) p. 262 p. 413
p. 543
X p. 265
p. 275
p. 131
p. 134
p. 156

from Pikeville, TN
F&S, 26th TN Infantry
Taliaferro, Thomas Jefferson (AS) p. 262

p. 281 p. 16 p. 33 from Paris, TN
Tapscott, A. B. (S)
*(spelled Tabscott in Military Annals, Tappscott in Tennesseans in the Civil War)

p. 726 *
p. 733 *
X *

15th TN Cavalry
Tatum, Robert F. (AS)

p. 119
from Woodbury, TN
Taylor, James B. (RS)

p. 142
from Athens, TN
Taylor, R. A. (S)

p. 261

21st TN Regt.
Taylor, Richard Henderson, (S) p. 262

p. 261 p. 92
p. 130
p. 9 from Memphis, TN
Templeton, John W. (AS)
p. 533 X

44th TN Infantry
Thomas, B. (AS)

p. 9
from Clarksville, TN
Thomas, J. C. (AS)

p. 17
from Shelbyville, TN
Thomas, John C. (AS)


41st TN Infantry
Thomas, James L. (AS)

p. 133
F&S, 23rd TN Inf.
Thomas, John T. (AS)

p. 75
from Clarksville, TN
Thomasson, James M. (AS)
p. 571 X

59th TN Infantry
Thompson, J.T.S.A.(AS) p. 264

3rd TN Regt.
Thompson, James L. (S)

p. 93
p. 149

F&S, 23rd TN Inf.
from Nashville, TN
Thompson, James M. (AS)

p. 331

Col. Matlock's Regt.
Thompson, Samuel M. (AS) p. 264 p. 513 ? p. 323 p. 3 p. 120 41st TN Inf.
from Shelbyville, TN
Thompson, Wm. A.(AS) p. 263

F&S, 33rd TN Inf.
Thornton, Gus B. (AS) p. 264
X p. 265 p. 49
p. 50
p. 78

Artillery Corps
from Memphis, TN
Thornton, Patrick Hamilton, (S) p. 263

p. 49 4th TN Cavalry
Thornton, Van B. (AS) p. 264

62nd TN Infantry
Thumel, N. (S)
p. 596

154th TN Inf.
Tomkins, W. R. (AS) p. 264

p. 8
from Gallatin, TN
Toole, B. M. (S) p. 265 p. 463
p. 279

31st TN Inf.
Towler, J. M.
p. 883

p. 158
1st TN Cavalry
from Columbia, TN
Trice, T. Smith (AS)

p. 349

ordered to R. E. Lee
Tucker, N. G. (AS)

p. 182
from Belfast, TN
Tucker, W. D. (AS) p. 265
X p. 286
p. 315

F&S, 154th Sr. Infantry
Turner, Robert J. (AS) p. 265

p. 353

58th Alabama Regt.
Turner, T. H. (S)
p. 899 X

F&S, 14th TN Cav.
Turner, Thomas (S)


F&S, 7th TN Inf.
Turner, W. V. (AS)


50th TN Inf.
Ussery, B. W. (S) p. 266

p. 265 p. 180
42nf TN Regt.
from Clarksville, TN
Ussery, W. R. (S)


42nd TN Infantry
Valentine, Philo G. (AS) p. 267

p. 188 College Hospital
Murfreesboro, TN
Vance, W. N. (S)

p. 153
from Kingsport, TN
Van Wick, S. M. (S)
p. 761

Forrest's Old Cav. Regt.
from Huntsville, AL
Vaughn, Henry B, (AS)

p. 326

45th TN Regt.
Vernon, Ebenezer R. (AS) p. 266 p. 193 X p. 341

F&S, 4th TN
Voorhies, A. H. (AS) p. 267 p. 282 X p. 259 p. 6
10th TN Inf.
from Columbia, TN
Walker, Obadiah (AS)

p. 143
from Franklin, TN
Wallace, James (AS) p. 268

5th TN Cavalry
Wallace, S. W. (AS) p. 268

5th TN Cavalry
Waller, O. (AS)
p. 532 ? p. 338

44th or 55th TN Inf.
Walls, J. M. (S)

p. 263

ordered to J. E. Johnston
Ward, J. C. (AS)

p. 341

1st TN Cavalry
Ware, John H. (S) p. 267 p. 605 ? p. 333(?)

1st Conf. Cavalry
Waters, E. M. (S)
p. 470

32nd TN Infantry
Waters, M. S. (AS) p. 268

p. 335

1st TN Cavalry
Waters, William S. (AS)

p. 181

Watson, R. P. (AS)
p. 723
p. 899

14th TN Cavalry
Wellborn, Wm. Thomas (AS) p. 269

24th TN Regt.
Wells, W. T. (AS)
p. 461

31st TN Infantry
Wendell, R. S. (S) p. 269

p. 282

Hospital, Murfreesboro, TN
Westbrook, E. E. (RS)

p. 72
from Silver Tip, TN
Westbrook, J. L. (AS) p. 269

passed board at Chattanooga, Scott's Bn.
Westbrook, J. R. (AS)
p. 734
p. 741

15th & 20th Cavalry
Westmoreland, T. (S) p. 269
? p. 281

53rd TN Infantry
Whilfred, ? (AS)
p. 347

17th TN Infantry
Whitfield, Harrison W. (AS)

p. 17
17th TN Infantry
from Marble Hill, TN
Wilcox, C. L. (RS)

p. 8
from Clarksville, TN
Wilkes, James H. (AS) p. 227
p. 273

p. 354

ordered to Surgeon general
Wilkinson, W. N. (AS)

p. 107
from Somerville, TN
Williams, J. B. (S)

p. 151
from Clarksville, TN
Williams, Joel Hubble (AS)

p. 348
p. 192
Williams, Junius (RS)

? p. 262 p. 15
4th TN Infantry
from Memphis, TN
Williams, W. B. (RS)
p. 552
p. 323 p. 152
from Dover, TN
49th TN Infantry
Williamson, G. R. (AS)

p. 5
from Edgefield, TN
Wills, W. T. (AS) p. 270
? p. 335

F&S, 31st TN Inf.
Willson, C. R. (S) p. 271 p. 432
p. 344

28th TN Inf.
Wilson, Joseph E. (AS) p. 270

48th TN Regt.
Wilson, S. B.

p. 130
from Rome, TN
Wingo, G.(?) B. (AS)

p. 323

ordered to J. E. Johnston
Wingo, T. R. (AS) p. 270
p. 271
p. 416 ? p. 286 p. 26 p. 67 27th TN Infantry
Winston, C. K. (S)

p. 261 p. 1
from Nashvillle, TN
Winston, Thos. G. (S)

p. 265

7th Tenn. Bn.
Wolz, Lewis F. (S)

p. 180
from Midway, TN
Woodson, M. A. (AS) p. 272

F&S, 37th TN Inf.
Woodward, Emmett (S) p. 272 p. 598 * X p. 261 p. 1
154th TN Sr. Inf.
from Memphis, TN
Woodward, P. S. (S)

p. 3
from Nashville, TN
Wooten, J. W. (AS) p. 272 p. 492
p. 323

35th TN Inf.
Wright, A. F. (S) p. 270 p. 428 X p. 262

F&S, 27th TN Inf.
Wright, Daniel, F. (S) p. 271 p. 283
p. 324
p. 2
p. 22

F&S, 14th TN Inf.
from Nashville, TN
Wright, Patrick Henry (AS) p. 271 p. 413 X

p. 126 F&S, 26th TN Inf.
Wright, W. M. (AS)

p. 340

ordered to Gen. Bragg
Wyatt, J. P. (S)

p. 262
1st TN Cav. Bn.
Yandell, L. P. (AS) p. 293 p. 183 X p. 266
p. 315
p. 16 p. 76 F&S, 4th TN Inf.
from Memphis, TN


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