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Preservation Services

map of tennesseeThe Preservation Services Section of TSLA provides preservation and increased access for the collections housed at TSLA and other records across the state. These services include microfilming, digital imaging, document restoration and preservation, and photographic duplication. The extensive microfilming program preserves state records both traditional and digital, local county records, newspapers, and manuscript collections.

The preservation microfilm collection of county records, newspapers and manuscripts is one of the most valuable sets of records available to the citizens of Tennessee. For over fifty years Preservation Services has prepared the best quality microfilm preserving thousands of pages of Tennessee history. Microfilm is available for purchase based on availability of the collections and any restrictions. Please see the listings of county records and roll numbers that can be purchased. Contact Preservation Services with any questions.

The conservation lab provides preservation techniques to care for original state historic documents, books, and photographs. Staff members work with various techniques, which include stabilization, surface cleaning, deacidification, mending, encapsulation, and appropriate formats of archival acid-free storage, that prolong the life span of our historic state records and manuscripts. The staff is available to answer questions and recommend the best way to preserve historic and family records.




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