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    Tennessee Documents & Images

    • Tennessee Virtual Archive (TeVA) -- A database of electronic versions of the state’s rich collections of historical records, photographs, documents, maps, postcards, film, audio and other original materials.
    • Nashville City Directories -- A collection of complete Nashville city directories, beginning with 1853/1854.
    • Tennessee's Landmark Documents -- Significant documents in the formation and early history of the state are presented here for the first time in digital form. The images are taken directly from the original materials, with full transcription and accompanying historical text.
    • TSLA Photograph Database -- A partial index to the hundreds of thousands of photographs and images held by the Tennessee State Library and Archives.
    • Tennessee Government Web Archive -- A collection of electronically archived state agency and departmental web sites covering the breadth of the State of Tennessee's online government footprint.  Coverage begins in late 2006 or early 2007 and extends to the present for most sites.
    • TSLA Online Exhibits -- Electronic versions of physical exhibits that are produced in-house and are exhibited in the TSLA lobbby.

    Civil War Resources

    • Civil War Era Databaseburst icon -- A collection of nearly 2,000 pamphlets and complete runs of eight newspapers, which document the diverse perspectives of the Civil War Era (1840-1865).
    • Civil War Sourcebook -- A searchable collection of over 7,000 articles chronicling the Civil War in Tennessee from September 1, 1861 through September 30, 1865.
    • Looking Back: The Civil War in Tennessee -- Scans of Civil War era manuscripts, artifacts and photographs, collected from communities across Tennessee by TSLA archivists and conservators.
    • Tennessee Civil War GIS Project -- An interactive website with full GIS capability that displays over 750 Civil War battles and skirmishes in Tennessee in a variety of map layers—aerial photography, topographical, street map, land use, property—and links these points to narrative information about the events.

    Historical Newspapers

    • 19th Century Newspapersburst icon -- A full-text searchable, facsimile-image database of 200 newspapers from around the country, chronicling 19th-century American culture, daily life and events.
    • Chronicling America -- This cooperative project with the Library of Congress provides the following Tennessee newspapers from the TSLA holdings in searchable digital format:
      Athens 1855-1871 Fayetteville 1850-1876
      Bristol 1865-1878 Knoxville 1860-1875
      Clarksville 1856-1875 Memphis 1857-1876
      Columbia 1866-1872 Nashville 1853-1875



burst icon This database available only to residents of Tennessee.

Updated April 10, 2013